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Simplicity, speed and versatile access are key requirements across all types of housebuilding. Layher systems meet these needs and also offer a range of purpose-designed accessories to ensure all trades on site gain as much as possible from the access system.
• Speed of erection and minimal number of components, compared to tube and fitting scaffold, offer major benefits to project scheduling.
• Proven suitability for all types of residential construction – from conventional brick to timber/block and even natural materials.
• Wide bay design provides optimum access for large dimensional materials when brought onto the scaffold.
• Minimal cross-bracing requirement maximises ease of movement around scaffold lifts.
• Can be readily installed with in-built access – from stairtowers to ladders – to provide safe multi-personnel movement to all construction levels.
• Interfaces directly with loading platforms and hoist installations to aid material movement on site


Offshore/Onshore and Petrochemical
The specialised build and maintenance requirements of this sector call for a scaffolding and access system that is both highly versatile and also rigorously designed to address extremely demanding environments.
• Layher systems can accommodate even the most complex of structural and pipework installations.
• Lightweight design enhances ease of handling and installation procedures.
• Designed to optimise transport and storage requirements – of particular note offshore where space availability is at a premium.
• Minimum number of components simplifies installation and also helps to maximise safe usage.
• Robust construction offers excellent repeat usage capability, and helps to address challenging weather conditions – particularly offshore.
• Access scaffolds and protection systems, including the Protect design, are proven in a range of offshore/onshore and petrochemical installations


Historic Building Refurbishment
The particular requirements of the historic building refurbishment sector places emphasis on key design characteristics of the access scaffold. From simplicity of installation to ease of use, it is vital that the specialist trades that are often at the heart of work in this sector are able to gain access exactly as and when needed during the course of a project.
• System choices meet the precise needs of historic building renovation – from churches to listed buildings and national monuments.
• Ease of access and dust/sound containment are key factors, particularly where protection of valuable features on site is crucial.
• Wide bay Layher scaffold system optimises access onto the scaffold structure and minimises the number of standards and thus tie-ins – often critical with prestigious building installations.
• Choice of accessories position both the workforce and materials at the exact point where needed.
• In-built strength reflects the loadings often associated with the storage of stonework and brickwork supplies on scaffold decks.
• Can be installed to meet a wide variety of uneven and sloping ground conditions.
• Scaffold designs link directly to Layher Protect systems, to provide both containment and secure lockable access


Civil Engineering/Infrastructure
Often large scale, access and protection installations in a civil engineering or infrastructure environment must meet key requirements in terms of strength, safety and cost efficiency. Layher can point to a long list of successful installations where these key objectives have been fully realised.
• System choice ensures ease of installation matches precise operational, access and protection needs.
• Proven Layher systems range from scaffolding and access to formwork installations.
• In-built fixings and wide bay design minimise the number of required components, helping to reduce material costs and optimising transport and manpower usage.
• Sloping and uneven ground conditions can be accommodated where required.
• Installations can match exact application needs – from wide spans and suspended designs to birdcage and load bearing structures


Plant Maintenance
The wide variety of plant maintenance requirements, typical of industrial or processing facilities, calls for an access method that is easy to install, safe and highly versatile – all requirements that are met by the Layher range of systems.
• Ideal for use in all installations – from ad hoc, short-term access needs to major plant maintenance projects.
• Choice of system designs to match differing access requirements.
• In-built connection systems minimises risk of equipment loss thereby helping to maximise safety.
• Durable design, ideal for repeated installation and dismantling.
• System ranges comprise access scaffolds, stairs, temporary roofing, protection and containment systems, and a wide range of accessories to meet the needs of each individual maintenance project

Events staging and public access

The vast range of applications in the event and entertainment sector call for systems and equipment that can offer the optimum combination of versatility, safety and ease of use. Layher Event Systems have been proven in a wide range of installations of this type – from concerts and sports events to exhibitions and theatre productions.
• Wide variety of Layher systems allows precise staging and public access requirements to be met with common, compatible fixing method.
• Equipment designs address the need to optimise safety for all public movement and viewing installations.
• Full range of Layher systems – including ramps, stairs and roof structures – can be designed into all seating and staging structures.
• Lightweight design with minimal number of components optimises ease of transportation, storage and handling.
• Longspan bridging needs can be fully accommodated with purpose-designed Layher Bridging Truss system.
• Excellent load bearing capability and structural strength are key features with every Layher installation.
• Fully accommodates wide range of sloping and uneven ground conditions.


  • Our new office and warehouse in Tallinn
    • November


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    Our new office and warehouse in Tallinn

    On November 6th we have officially opened a new office and depo in Väike-Sõjamäe 5a, 11415, Tallinn. Directly from Tallinn now we can provide a fast delivery of every kind of scaffoldings: Protective roofs Keder XL, SpeedyScaf façade and Allround modular scaffoldings, ladders and rolling towers. For a fast customers support and inquires in Estonia,

  • A unique project in Riga city center
    • June


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    A unique project in Riga city center

    Recent months Riga city residents and tourists can’t visit museum of Riga Castle due to renovation works after destructive fire. We are pleased that after several unsuccessful attempts to use heat shrinkable film as a roof, company responsible for restoration works made the decision to set LAYHER KEDER XL roof. UAB “”Layher Baltic” company carried

  • Want to rent scaffoldings?
    • February


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    Want to rent scaffoldings?

    Visit a new www.kurnuomotispastolius.lt website where you can find information on the nearest rent firm offering the scaffoldings of Layher brand in a convenient interactive form. All these companies rents Layher scaffoldings, advises on concerning project preparation, provides delivery and can provide scaffoldings assembly.

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